NFT Benefits

Congratulations on purchasing your Commemorative College NFT, celebrating the player and coach success of the top ranked colleges in the NCAA and NJCAA as polled by the United Soccer Coaches for the 2022 season.

There’s only a limited number that have been created. They will never be recreated, so you now own a piece of history on the blockchain forever.

As the owner of our College NFT you have now opened the door to exclusive bonuses as a player, coach or parent.


You have now secured an exclusive discount to our Building Champions performance app which provides access to elite experts in player development in areas including: Game Intelligence, S&C, Nutrition, Performance Mindset and Mental Well-being.

FREE!! By joining our private community, you will also get your very own player NFT created for you as well as a player profile on our Summer League recruitment portal linked to clubs in the USL2, UPSL, NPSL and WPSL.

Not only that but players will be promoted to our NIL partner for opportunities to be scouted for sports modelling opportunities.


If you are a member of United Soccer Coaches, you get $50 off, plus a further 20% discount, on the Building Champions Coach app which provides access to elite content to support the development of your players as well as exclusive content from industry leaders to support your coach development.

FREE!! Get your very own coach NFT created for you on the blockchain to showcase your coach credentials.

Not only that but you get a 20% discount on the ViPER Coach immersive tactical system. Check it out here