Interview with Paul McVeigh

In this episode of Building Champions Radio we speak with Paul McVeigh, an ex-Premier League player and Performance Psychologist.
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As a Premier League and International football player for Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City and Northern Ireland, Paul competed with and against the best players in the world on a daily basis which has shaped his understanding of his methodology of high performance.

As a world-renowned expert in elite performance, Paul’s credibility comes from his unique combination of reaching the pinnacle of elite sport as well as being the first Premier League footballer to qualify with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

We speak about all things Performance Mindset in soccer for coaches, players and parents in areas including the C.A.L.M approach, visualization, curiosity and much more.

Listen to this great advice Paul gives on the C.A.L.M approach you can adopt as a coach to ensure positivity and performance amongst your players.

Paul McVeigh C.A.L.M for coaches

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