Get your very own coaches app where you access expert content to support the development of you and your players including:
Session drills, Themed sharing community on game concepts & principles, Webinars, Nutrition, S&C, Mindset, Well-being

Building Champions Member Perks

As a coach you have two options within the Building Champions membership

  • Coach $147 - Access to the Building Champions coaches app and partner discounts. (All United Soccer Coaches members receive a $50 discount through our partnership)
  • Team $250 -  Upload your team roster and give your players access to the Building Champions player app and a free profile on our college/summer league club recruitment portal. (Also, comes with one free coach membership)

We are providing a 4 week nutrition program to develop your knowledge on how to fuel the body for high performance:

  • Hydration
  • Eat like a Champion
  • Fueling for match day
  • Build your own Meal Plan.

By purchasing the $250 team roster upload, each player can have a free profile on our college/summer league club recruitment portal so they can get their profiles in front of 100s of coaches.

Through our extensive member platform we will have a community chat room to support all coaches. We will introduce themes within the game so we can all share thoughts and ideas around the principles and concepts to support your growth as a coach.

Our portal provides three options:

  • College Scholarship
  • JUCO Transfer 
  • Summer League Opportunities

Access to upload your roster in these portals provides them with opportunities to be seen by coaches.




Full rounded program for coaches of all levels
$ 147
  • Webinars
  • Live Interviews
  • Downloadable PDFS
  • 10 Personalized NFTs
  • Community Chat Room


Get your teams roster on our portal and give them the basic access to the app!
$500 $ 250
  • Access to all areas of the Building Champions App
  • Access to Building Champions player portal for college/summer league recruitment opportunities
  • College ID camp notification service