What is Building Champions?

Building Champions is world class. Boasting a combined experience of over 250+ years in the world of soccer, our team has created a holistic soccer development program like no other seen in the world.

Building Champions is unique. The different options for becoming a member of the Building Champions community, one of them being the creation of your own NFT on the blockchain and the opportunity to get your membership fee back and double your money. NFT member benefits ensure that when you join the best soccer development program in the world, you have benefits that match.

Building Champions is personal. Everyone is on a different journey, you may be a high school coach looking for the edge over a rival, a player looking for a college scholarship or a soccer club looking to help your players access more soccer away from the turf. The Building Champions Soccer App, allows everyone to access what they want, when they want.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the fastest growing soccer community in the world NOW!

Smart Player

Developing your understanding of the principles of the game. Access to a Virtual Reality awareness training system. Webinars on tactical principles to outsmart your opponent.

Powerful Player

S&C program provided in blocks based on different periods of your season to maintain physical excellence in preparation for performance and long term success.


Fueled Player

Nutritional resources to upskill your knowledge on how to fuel the body for high performance: Pre & post match, Training sessions, Carb Cycling and Meal Plans.


Resilient Player

Developing a robust and sustainable high performance mindset to include: Resilience, Confidence, Long Term Motivation, Commitment, injury capability and Concentration.

Mindful Player

Mental Health & Wellbeing support focusing on key aspects to include: Relaxation, Self-Efficacy, Meditation, Emotional Resilience, Focus, breathing techniques & Control.

What next?

Choose package

Whether you are a coach, parent/player or club director, we have a specific package for you.

Download app

Once you have chosen your package you will then download the Building Champions app and set up your profile.

Access world class content

You will then have access to our world class experts and all the content to support you and your team to progress to the next level.